Remembering the Bushfires in Australia

All of us were touched by the pictures and the loss by the bushfires that devastated Australia earlier this year.

I thought “what can I do to I help?” and I thought one of the most cherished things I own would be my baggy green cap.  I was so grateful for the opportunity to play cricket for Australia and it is such a meaningful item that not many people have the privilege to wear.

A big thank you to Fox Sports who helped me make this happen.  We were all so blown away at how much this went for.  To raise that much money to go towards our fellow Australians made us all pretty proud to be honest.

To everyone at the Commonwealth bank a big thank you and for them to pay over $1 million and then on top of that, take it around Australia on a tour and raise another staggering amount of money is absolutely fantastic.

Our fellow Australians who were affected by these fires will take years to re-build and are still suffering the loss. We won’t forget.

Shane x

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