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Cricket legend Shane Warne launches his first fragrance and shares his plans to destigmatise beauty and self-care for men


There is one question that follows Shane Warne wherever he goes. And, believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the magic of his bowling. No, according to the greatest spinner of all time, people are forever asking him about his smell! How does he smell so good?

“People will come up to me in the airport or the street,” Shane, 50, says.

“And Uber drivers will often say to me: ‘Excuse me Shane, but what fragrance are you wearing?’ I don’t always tell them because I don’t want to give away all my secrets.”   But there will be no such hesitation in the future, as Shane is about to launch his first fragrance in partnership with Chemist Warehouse.

It is a dream come true for Shane, a self-described fragrance obsessive who has loved to dab himself in various scents from the time he was a youngster and would help himself to his father’s Old Spice or Brut 33.

“I heard a long, long time ago that people will never forget whether someone has good manners or if they smell nice,” he says.

“So good hygiene has always been really important to me. I shower two or three times a day, and I love to try different fragrances.” Shane says he first contemplated the idea of having his own fragrance while he was engaged to Elizabeth Hurley who, as the face of Estee Lauder, further opened his eyes and nostrils to the power of perfume. “She encouraged me to do it because she said I smelled really good, but, for whatever reason, it didn’t happen until now,” he says. Elizabeth also played an integral role in improving Shane’s approach to self-care, emphasising the importance of a daily skincare routine.

He scoffs at past rumours of plastic surgery, saying that any changes to his appearance came from his fluctuating weight rather than a scalpel.

“I cleanse my skin, I moisturise, use an eye cream and a lip balm,” he says.

“When you spend 20-odd years out in the sun playing cricket for eight or nine hours a day it can take a toll on your skin.

“I am lucky that I have Mum and Dad’s good genes. But I also understand the importance of looking after my skin.

“I know there’s still a bit of a stigma about it and that it’s seen as not a masculine thing to do to take care of yourself. But it’s just as important for men to look after themselves as it is for women.”

Shane hopes that in being honest about his skincare regimen he will de-stigmatise it for other blokes.

“It’s like the Advanced Hair Studios stuff — it’s easy to make jokes at others’ expense,” he says.   “But having a bald spot or a receding hairline can really dent someone’s confidence. A lot of guys still come up to me and say thanks for helping them feel more confident. It’s great I could help them.

“If I could help others start looking after their skin, too, well that would be great.
I’d love to have my own skincare line one day. But let’s get them smelling good first!”

After much deliberation, he says the new, lightly citrus scent with hints of oak will be named SW23
— paying tribute to the No.23 he wore at state level and throughout his national and international cricketing career.

Shane says the fragrance “smells expensive” despite its relatively low price and will appeal to men and women.

He has been involved in every aspect of its development, joking he has bombarded Chemist Warehouse chiefs with suggestions about everything from the bottle shape and colour to its magnetic top.

Shane has also personally tested every sample and sought advice from his friends and three children on which one was right to bear the Shane Warne name. He is confident SW23 has the sweet smell of success because he will wear it day and night. Shane is highly amused when asked if he now plans to follow Marilyn Monroe’s example when it comes to nightwear; the late actress famously replied: “Why, Chanel No.5, of course” when quizzed about what she wore to bed.

“I don’t like to steal other people’s lines, but let’s just say that I don’t wear pyjamas or boxers to bed so it probably will be just this fragrance,” he says with a laugh.

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