A Risk Worth Taking?

Friday, October 2nd, 2015


Although I feel very sorry for cricketers and cricket fans in Bangladesh, I agree with the decision of Cricket Australia to cancel the Aussie tour that should have kicked off next week there.

I’d go further than that. If CA had decided that the tour should go ahead, each individual player should be given the option of pulling out of the touring party.

Cricketers are brave people – the tragic death of Phil Hughes last summer is only one example of the risks players face down every time they play – but no-one should be forced to deal with dangers they can’t predict, or control, and have nothing to do with what they are there for.

Remember also that it’s not just the players themselves that have to deal with this situation. They have mums and dads, wives, partners and girlfriends, in some cases sons and daughters, all waiting at home for their man to come home.

None of them should have to go through the uncertainty and fear of the unknown that a situation like this creates.

Cricket is their game, and their profession,  but no-one should have to put their lives on the line for either, even if the risk is small and the authorities are doing everything they can to reduce it.

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