Goal of the Century?

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

As a mad-keen fan of the Aussie Rules Football team The Saints, St Kilda, the Brownlow Medal count is required viewing for me each year.

Sadly, none of my boys were high in the count, won by the Dockers’ terrific young Nat Fyfe.

But what caught my eye was the AFL’s Goal of the Year, which was also announced that night.

It was won by Adelaide’s little dynamo, Eddie Betts, who launched a left foot torpedo punt “barrel” from the boundary line 50 metres out.

The ball curled to the right, landed a few metres out from goal, and bounced right to go straight through the middle.

I thought: “Hang on – curls to the leg, pitches on the spot and spins back to the off, straight into the stumps…”

Eddie had kicked THE GATTING BALL! Clever little geezer!!

Of course, if you follow my “other” sport, Aussie Rules, I’m sure you’ll know why Eddie is one of my favourite players.

It’s no just his skill and courage (he must be about four foot ten in his socks). It’s that he ENJOYS the game so much. He’s always got a cheeky grin on his face.

It’s a good tip for every cricketer, football player or any other sportsperson. Enjoy what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to smile, or even laugh, if you feel like it. You’ll find it lifts your confidence and vitality – and it often gets right under the skin of your grumpy opponent!