August 18, 20171:30 am
August 17, 201711:35 am
Great catching up with the boys jackson_warne18 @Hash72 @stevenbaker10 @Browndogg_30x Adrian,… @ShaneWarne 4 94
August 17, 20171:17 am
Losing my hair was a concern for me so I did something about it a long time ago. I've had a lot… @ShaneWarne 5 160
August 16, 201711:35 pm
Looking forward to getting back down to the @thenational1988 whilst I'm back in Melbourne ! It's… @ShaneWarne 3 69
August 16, 20179:17 am
August 16, 20176:09 am
Another stunning winters day in Melbourne & time to hit the tennis court !!!!! @ShaneWarne 5 157
August 15, 20176:54 am
August 15, 20172:28 am
Happy #IndependenceDay mate & to all my friends over there in India !!!!! 👍 @ShaneWarne 325 3631
August 15, 20172:26 am
August 13, 201711:37 am
Just looked back at my tweets re the Saints game today. To harsh & brutal on the boys, I'm just a passionate supporter who was disappointed @ShaneWarne 17 501
August 13, 20177:57 am
Very true ! How many of the pros would know this rule & all the rules buddy ? Who's winning the #PGA ? Matsuyama or… @ShaneWarne 3 64
August 13, 20175:13 am
This is more like it Saints, the game is there to be won if you want it boys !!!!!!! Intensity, composure & kicking skill will get it done ✅ @ShaneWarne 6 142
August 13, 20174:03 am
Big games test the character & heart of players, today so far has shown plenty about a lot of players & how the hierarchy overrate some ! @ShaneWarne 7 144
August 13, 20173:58 am
This is embarrassing & hurtful watching this pathetic display by the Saints. I think the hierarchy are overrating a lot of players #cantkick @ShaneWarne 8 123
August 13, 20173:45 am
I'm a passionate Saints fan & will support them. But that was absolutely pathetic & the worst 1/4 I've seen from any team for a long time ! @ShaneWarne 5 162
August 13, 20173:36 am
No composure, panicking, can't kick, stupid handballs, not ferocious in tackling & a lack of intensity = St Kilda !!! Absolutely pathetic @ShaneWarne 9 182
August 13, 20173:28 am
What the hell is going on at the G ? Have the Saints players ever kicked a footy before ? Saints are panicking & have no composure !!!! 😡😡😡 @ShaneWarne 4 141
August 12, 201710:50 pm
Pumped for today's game between the Saints & Demons. I think the Saints win by 5 goals. Be watching with a pie and chips from the couch 👍 @ShaneWarne 5 175
August 12, 20179:27 pm
Sounds like heaven. Cheese is the best thing ever invented Antje !!!!! Right, grilled grated cheese sandwiches for… @ShaneWarne 1 76
August 12, 20174:34 am
Please can the St Kilda football club go after Dustin Martin, he is a gun. We have room in the salary cap & should do everything to get him @ShaneWarne 7 228
August 6, 20171:08 pm
Shane Warne was live.
August 6, 201712:17 pm
Hope you all enjoyed the @SkyCricket masterclass this morning with @WardyShorts @flintoff11 & @robkey612 aka BFK !!
July 23, 20177:32 pm
Congrats @jordanspieth on winning #theopenchampionship What a lesson you taught any young sportsman out there in heart, spirit and courage. Also, why you never ever give up when things are not going your way. You found a way to win ...
July 17, 201711:29 am
Shane Warne added a new photo.
July 2, 20173:07 pm
Having a great time in Spain with the family. We also had an educational / tourist day in Gibraltar today. It's been so much fun creating life long memories with my 3 children. Love you guys lots & Thankyou for ...
June 29, 20178:45 am
Having a great family holiday in Spain ! X
Shane Warne added 7 new photos.
June 25, 20175:03 pm
Family time in London @brookewarne @summerwarne @jackson_warne18 ❤️❤️❤️
June 25, 20175:02 pm
Great times with our English family ! Thankyou for the 30 year friendship & always looking after us ❤️
June 18, 20179:05 am
#CT17 final between #indiavpakistan sun is shining, weather is sweet & the wicket looks a belter, but a wet outfield ? Why ? Ps Thanks for the push Athens, nearly slipped over hahaha
June 18, 20177:22 am
En route to the #CT17 final with Nissan
Shane Warne was live.

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