February 21, 20178:16 pm
Ps I'm only contracted to do the 1st test match for @StarSportsIndia in Pune. It's a shame as I think it will be a great series. #austvindia @ShaneWarne 7 100
February 21, 20178:13 pm
Hello to my wonderful friends in india. Just landed in Mumbai & headed to Pune for #sportstale tonight. Then the 1st test @StarSportsIndia @ShaneWarne 13 169
February 20, 201710:42 am
Goodbye London and see you soon India & LA !!
Yes I'm a human frequent flyer point 👍😩💋 https://t.co/NDWphY3Io5
@ShaneWarne 15 180
February 20, 20178:39 am
Exciting night on in India for Sports Tales #Insidesport on the 22nd in Pune with some wonderful people, then the test match, big week ! @ShaneWarne 9 163
February 20, 20178:38 am
Bye London, was fun. Now time for India & the Test match in Pune. Think it's going to be a very close test series. Thoughts followers ? @ShaneWarne 33 456
February 18, 20175:36 pm
Great day & a great result for @rossdesmond & I as we took down blackheart4good & Andriy… https://t.co/qMbz1umyky @ShaneWarne 2 47
February 18, 20171:13 pm
Big game of golf today here in London with @rossdesmond blackheart4good & Sheva....
#titleist… https://t.co/W5gZ763ToK
@ShaneWarne 5 55
February 14, 20175:29 pm
Wearing my #SneakersforGood to support @LaureusSport as a symbol of
the power of sport. Show me yours @piersmorgan @cutmaker !!!!!!
@ShaneWarne 1 45
February 14, 20174:49 pm
Braved the cold here in London on Valentine's Day with @rossdesmond at #Sunningdale &… https://t.co/cT1h08yMrQ @ShaneWarne 6 54
February 14, 20175:50 am
Shane Warne
Shane Warne updated their profile picture. Comments Sachin Bajaj Warne- you are a great, smart and handsome person. A suggestion-you have maintained yourself really good but make sure the ...Rajiv Jani Shane, I look forward to your advice on how a leg spinner can take care of spinning finger? It seems ...Suman Mukherjee I don't like a Hypocrite like Shane Warne who badmouth against the best Cricketing Captain World have ever seen. Steve ... Shane Warne
February 14, 20175:39 am
Shane Warne: Warney Uncut
Legend. Icon. Hero. Villain. Shane Warne has been called all that & more. Everyone has an opinion on Warney; many have stories to tell. But now it’s time for Warney to tell his own remarkable story – in his own ... Comments Jason Reid Shane will you be discussing about the truth about the foundation
The truth about how much farkin work you and ...
James Mole As long as you're talking about wind turbines mateBarney Burke You out of cash already?
Shane Warne
February 14, 20173:21 am
Shane Warne's cover photo
Shane Warne updated their cover photo. Comments GM Giridhar Shane, I am Giridhar,36, from Arabian Sea coast part of South India near Goa, in a small town of Kumta ...Marc James Dwyer "graphic design is my passion"Tanja Ward Are you coming back to Darwin soon? Shane Warne
February 12, 20171:29 pm
Holy crap it's cold here in London !!!! ⛄️❄️ https://t.co/f2S9exJdCp @ShaneWarne 7 122
February 11, 20176:35 am
The Summer of cricket is over for me & unfortunately it's time to leave the heatwave of Aust & head back to dreary, freezing cold London ☔️😩 @ShaneWarne 19 273
February 10, 201711:46 pm
Saturday morning sport watching my son captain the lawn bowls team ! #lovethisgame https://t.co/e1u57TxeNA @ShaneWarne 3 67
February 10, 201712:05 pm
Help @GabrielMacht as @RickHoffman_ is trying to steal the mirror above my bed. Need your help mate ! Hahahah… https://t.co/OAaKvAIzbI @ShaneWarne 12 129
February 10, 20179:32 am
Great to meet @RickHoffman_ today & I think he's warming to the mirror above my bed too !!! Hahahah #suits #besties https://t.co/twIn7CpPpv @ShaneWarne 3 61
February 10, 20174:49 am
Hope ticket sales are going well & look forward to seeing you all there ! 👍🍺 https://t.co/uzHMvT3jLN @ShaneWarne 4 49
February 9, 20179:35 am
Thanks gorgeous girl ! Gulp hahah https://t.co/sOc2OOxejU @ShaneWarne 4 43
February 9, 20178:57 am
February 9, 20178:17 am
About to go on @ACurrentAffair9 & talk about my theatre show as tickets go on sale tmrw ! #warneyuncut
@ShaneWarne 12 89
February 9, 20175:43 am
Heading to the city for a meeting then on current affair #warneyuncut Tickets on sale tmrw. Hope to see u there ! 👍

@ShaneWarne 5 41
February 9, 20171:23 am
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Comments Tushar Lavhe The peoples who get chance to play for their nation are very lucky but what about someone who always think ...Geoff Hitchener Yeah nah. No baldness for meGee Tee no no... 😉 Shane Warne
February 9, 20171:19 am
I just got "Litt up" by @RickHoffman_ re my bedroom ! Surely I have some support @sarahgrafferty & @GabrielMacht https://t.co/umXGaI3Jkv @ShaneWarne 3 44
February 7, 20172:32 am
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#warneyuncut was launched today & a huge thankyou for all the support & great feedback. The dates are as follows.

Opera house Syd April 20

Riverside Theatre Perth April 22

Festival Theatre Adel April 24

Concert Hall Bris April 29

Comments Simon Duca Leanne it's our wedding day, I might be a bit late 😂Michael Gilchrist Grew up 2 streets away from ya Shane. I was Hilton St you were 4th/beach. Macca's reserve was a great ...Michael Carton Tim. Jamie can't come because he doesn't like cricket. Shane Warne
February 6, 201711:44 pm
Shane Warne: Warney Uncut
Shane Warne shared Shane Warne: Warney Uncut's live video. Comments Kevin Putney My sons hero for many years, i took him to lords to watch the ashes and Warne was having a ...JP Carlon Still a down to earth Aussie 👍family should be left alone but we know what kind of vultures these gossip ...Josh Partridge Warney Uncut - we'll let all the ladies tell us if that's true
Tom Davo Rob Chris Ryan
Shane Warne
February 6, 20177:55 am
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Looking forward to sharing some exciting news with you all tmrw ! Comments Ricta Scott ... you're going to announce that your charity will give more than 7% to the intended recipients? Thats great news, ...Clinto Sherwood ur going back on im a celebrity get me out of here cause its shit without u?Scott Trop You just had your first 100 women orgy? Oh wait that would of happened already cos ur warney the legend Shane Warne
January 27, 20172:30 am
Sportsmate - Cricket Live
Check it out, any thoughts or suggestions ?

Follow all the World's Cricket action live on the go.
Shane Warne shared a Page.
Comments Christine Thomas Lm free l wood like to meet up witk you my number is 0403630118 like to here from you shane রাহাত রেজা my lovely leagend,sir shane warne. 🙂 Shane Warne
January 11, 20176:42 am
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As expected CAV & the Commonwealth charity regulators have cleared the Shane Warne foundation of any wrong doing besides one late lodging of annual accounts by the due date in 2015. The foundation, myself, management, ambassadors and the board have ... Comments Jake W Wright Get back on the project and rip one into waleed. Let's see the rorts he's involved in wth the Victorian ...Rich Sanders Was never in doubt.
Hope the scum that caused this choke on this news as many underprivileged children are missing ...
Guy Goldrick Typical Australian Tall Poppy Syndrome. We cut the legs off anyone having a go like Warney!
Shane Warne
January 9, 20176:09 am
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Last chance followers ! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded my emojis so far for free, especially Mark "Tubby" Taylor who loves them ! Hahah ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ Comments Vineeth R Nair Sir,I am a leg spinner(26) from India ,and a great fan of urs that my FB cover pic is you ...Mathew Ryan downloaded them but i'm rubbish at Cricket. No point being in the nets with you, but i'll kick your arse ...Aman Vijay Hi sir , will be a dream come true for a leg spinner to get directions from GOD of spin ... Shane Warne

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