March 27, 20178:20 am
Ps Should we read anything into Ashwin being the 3rd spinner used & not the 1st ? Is it because Maxwell fancies Ashwin @StarSportsIndia ? @ShaneWarne 25 362
March 27, 20178:04 am
Love the way the Indian fast bowlers have bowled & the use of the short ball, wonderful to watch. Fancy Maxwell here if he's aggressive !! @ShaneWarne 71 568
March 27, 20174:11 am
Very impressed with both wicketkeepers in this series as it's been really tough conditions. Saha & Wade 👏🏻👏🏻Agree ? @Iheals @ProCricketLive @ShaneWarne 27 446
March 27, 20174:03 am
Who's better ? @MClarke23 @MichaelVaughan @ProCricketLive ! V Interesting reading. Lyon is Aust's number 1 spinner… @ShaneWarne 49 358
March 27, 20173:48 am
Did sledging get some Indian batsmen out or was it a coincidence after verbals 3 wickets fell the next ball @MichaelVaughan @ProCricketLive @ShaneWarne 12 144
March 27, 20172:19 am
The SW Foundation final cheque to the v brave Will Murray, plz read & retweet thankyou !……
@ShaneWarne 29 113
March 27, 20172:19 am
Thanks for the chat buddy, good luck for the next race & look forward to catching up soon @KwickieApp 👍✔ @ShaneWarne 4 86
March 26, 20173:28 am
Always happy to help out any young spinner from any country. Long live the wrist spinners, Kuldeep was very impress… @ShaneWarne 154 1275
March 26, 20173:25 am
Hey bud is 300 a par score or well below ? @stevesmith49 100 looked another great innings !! Cummins or Lyon the ke… @ShaneWarne 23 336
March 26, 20173:20 am
The Vics will get the job done don't you think @blewy214 & @darren_lehmann !!! Hahah @ShaneWarne 7 83
March 25, 20171:57 pm
Nice night with friends but now bed time - yay !!!!! Goodnight, be safe & have fun whatever… @ShaneWarne 5 177
March 25, 20177:35 am
I can't believe the brand of footy the Saints are playing, we were all expecting a hard tough outfit who don't stuff around with the footy ! @ShaneWarne 12 280
March 25, 20176:58 am
Thankyou Kovi & everyone @QueenTickets for the awesome box today ! #SaintsVDemons with… @ShaneWarne 3 62
March 25, 20175:20 am
March 24, 201710:46 am
March 24, 20172:58 am
The SW Foundation last cheque to the v brave Will Murray. Please read & retweet thankyou !…
@ShaneWarne 56 331
March 24, 20172:49 am
Photos from Shane Warne's post
The Shane Warne Foundation has now given away it's final cheque of $96,061 dollars to the very brave and courageous Will Murray, this makes a total of $436,061 dollars to the Murray family over the last 18 months. We wish ... Comments Sven J. Holmlund Not only are you the king of spin and the party master, but you're also a top bloke who helps ...Martine Grant Whilst I applaud the work the collective at the SWF have done & didn't believe the accusations made about inappropriate ...Danielle Goldberg You did good 😊, I'm sure we will see your kind hearted ways shine through in other ways moving forwards... ... Shane Warne
March 23, 201711:42 am
Ps Absolutely pumped to be visiting the #Suits set in Toronto with @GazTheWolf ! Thankyou @GabrielMacht for donating this amazing experience @ShaneWarne 5 159
March 23, 201711:34 am
Yay as @GazTheWolf & I r the successful bidders on a charity auction item to visit the #Suits set in Toronto @GabrielMacht & @RickHoffman_ @ShaneWarne 4 87
March 23, 20178:59 am
Great to have footy back on another stunning Melbourne night with 75,000 people at the mighty #MCG #AFL ❤… @ShaneWarne 28 471
March 22, 20179:36 pm
I've been based in London for 5 years now, my thoughts are with the victims & those affected by this horrific attack on #Westminster ! @ShaneWarne 63 781
March 16, 20179:40 am
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Comments Matthias William A kwickie.... Hahaha bowling WarneeeeySajid Samoon When are you coming back to the US to play cricket?Sean Connor I wouldn't know what to say. I am a mere mortal Shane Warne
March 16, 20174:33 am
My thoughts on the 3rd test ! #IndiaVAustralia Comments Whinney Sixtysix Maxwell has been away for along time but has steadied the ship with the solid Smith . Up to 300 ...Philip John Hi warne... pls send urs or ur managers mail id so as to get in touch for a short bowling ...Aaron Maynes I reckon bring in Swepson. give the young fella a go. he reminds me of you and i reckon he ... Shane Warne
March 15, 20177:02 am
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What are mates for !!! Hahah Comments Stevie Fairbairn If there's grass on the wicket play cricket warney, you know that. Win the toss and have a bat. Gaurav Bhalerao Cmon warnie bro, you have already decided what you are going to do, you will drift it round her legs ...Steve Bell Wouldn't be the first Sheila you've tempted for a hit and ended up going for an expensive over. Nah just ... Shane Warne
March 12, 20178:31 am
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Great fun playing Sunday at the #nzopengolf. The good news for us Aussies is that Punter & I won 7/6 over Kiwis Fleming & McCullum. FYI I shot 77 (5 over) with 2 birdies. Thankyou to everyone in Queenstown for ... Comments Bobby Peters Not the first time you've had 2 birds eh legend? Nah nah just yankin' ya chain cob. Oi, listen mate, ...James Hunter Punter won the tournament. Beat Peter Fowler, Micheal Campbell in play-off..Stephen Moore Not bad for a bowler. What did Punter shoot out of interest? Shane Warne
March 11, 20178:04 pm
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11:04am today on the final day of the #nzopengolf at Millbrook it's Australia V NZ ! Warne (9) / Ponting (scratch) V Fleming (8) / McCullum (9) !!! Come down and support the Aussies. Aust will be captained by AB ... Comments Shashank Rao C New Zealand because one of these 3 you mentioned to play for New Zealand has represented their nation in Rugby. Dan Ryan Dimitri you must be pretty filthy you had to hang out with losers like us this weekend. Shane Davidson Luke ...Jono Prowse Jeffo play pinball for NZ too? Arcade Master wants a match - From Brighton to Empangeni ive noshed them all ... Shane Warne
March 10, 20175:06 am
Shane Warne's cover photo
Shane Warne updated their cover photo. Comments Blake Rayner bowling Shane, nice, and the locks looking lush,love ya work...
Anyway while I got ya spinner wouldn't mind if I ...
Harry Rae Which way's he hitting it George Rae not sure about those areasAmjad Shah Love you warnee...yu are my 2nd best inspirational personality after #ImranKhan....
Shane Warne
March 10, 20174:18 am
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Comments Jamieson Doyle-Taylor Angus Gwong - another Kwickie for the great man!Zanyar Kurd James my mate is on Kwickie!Chris Benn Another quickie? Good areas Shane Shane Warne
March 6, 20171:23 am
Shane Warne's cover photo
Shane Warne updated their cover photo. Comments Priyaranjan Jha Hey Warnie! Just in case it hasn't reached you yet. You're my most favorite bowler of all time and I ...Blake Rayner Again, bowling Shane, and the suit love ya work
Anyway while I got ya spinner wouldn't mind if I got ...
Elliot Smith Hitting the right areas with this one shane
Shane Warne
March 5, 20172:35 am
Sportsmate - Cricket Live
Nathan Lyon's spell was so good, it had Shane Warne glue to the screen from LA!

Follow India vs. Australia from Bangalore with Cricket Live:
Shane Warne shared Sportsmate - Cricket Live's video.
Comments Dimce Zivko Tony Modra warne looking for brownie points, i reckon hes fishing for an MCC restricted membership through gazBarney Burke Too old for selfies mate. Pipe down a little and get old gracefully.Fahim Javed Khan Indian prepared pitches for Ashwin and Jadeja and..... LOL Shane Warne

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